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Paragliding in Granada

Granada and the surrounding area is one of the best places in Spain to fly. It has played host to numerous national and international competicions.

The other great thing about flying in Granada is that, after flying, you are not necessarily destined to a quiet night in. The city is beautiful, the nightlife legendary and cheap, and the atmosphere is second to none!!

Granada is situated at an altitude of 700m above sea level, and about 70km from the coast. Between the coast and granada is the chain of mountains known as Sierra Nevada. They include the highest peak in the iberian peninsular, 'Mulhacen', which rises up to a height of 3479m. In summer, when the cloud base is highest, it is possible to fly to the coast and land on the beach (see the 'cross-country' section for more details).


In summer, Sierra Nevada is known for it's wide, strong thermals and incredibly high cloud-bases. Ceilings of 5000m are not unheard of, and 3000-4000m is commonplace. Not bad from a take-off at 1200m!!!!!

You can find all types of flying around Granada: High mountain cross-country, flatlands and ridge soaring. There are also great places to practice acro!!

The flying is good all year round, but you should time your visit to coincide with the type of flying you want.

Paragliding in Baza, Granada
Time of year Flying Conditions
November-March These are the winter months and, although it will probably be sunny, it will be cold in the mountains. There will certainly be snow in the high peaks, but lower down, and nearer the coast, it should be quite warm. There are the gentlest months, where the height-gains are more moderate (usually 300m-1000m). At this time of year, the best flying is often found nearer the coast where the take-offs are lower, and therefore the height gains maximised. For thermic flying, if the wind is right, Otivar is usually the best site. March is really the changeover month, and you can often get some nice days with good height gains and cumulus streets to help you on your way.
April-September Summer condicions. This is the time of year when you will find the best conditions. Strong thermals in the middle of the day. Awsome cloud-bases. Good conditions for cross-country and acro. Long flying hours. Floaty evening flights. In summer it is normal to find 'blue' conditions with small cumulus only over the highest peaks.
October Autumn. October can be great, or not so great. Usually, it's good. You can sometimes find full-on summer conditions with great cloud bases, other times it can rain.