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Tandem Paraglider Flights

So, you want to do a commercial tandem flight................Great idea. It's an experience that you wont forget, and a fantastic way to see Granada and the surrounding countryside. And don't worry, this is NOT base jumping!! You will perform a gentle take-off and landing. No leaping off cliffs is required.......Nearly everyone can enjoy a tandem flight......

Now all you have to do is choose a company to take you up. That's as simple as calling up one of the numbers provided below, but you should bear in mind that all tandem flights are not equal. They depend on the time of year, the weather, the pilot, the chosen site and the time of day.

Here is some practical information to help you get the most out of your flight:

Types of Tandem Flights
The most basic type of flight is a straight descent. From Cenes de la vega take-off, with a height difference of 500m, this would take approximately 8 minutes. If you are very nervous, then perhaps a glide down at sunset, or in the morning, is the best option. Paraglider Tandem flights, Granada, Sierra Nevada
The next type of flight is a gentle soaring flight. It differs from the straight descent in that the pilot is able to remain in the area around the take-off without losing height. It is great for really enjoying the view, and waving at your friends down below! This should still suit passangers who are very nervous, but lasts longer (if the conditions are good, as long as the pilot and passenger desire).
The thermic flight is for people who really want to experience what paragliding is about, and understand why we are all so addicted. This involves climbing high above the take-off in thermals (often 1000's of metres). Of course, thermals don't come free, and the price you pay is getting
jerked about quite a bit. The rewards, however, are stunning and certainly worth it. It is a unique way to experience the mountains. Sometimes you can even fly side by side with vultures and eagles. If the conditions are good, this flight will also last as long as you, or the pilot likes.
Of course, we fly without motors and are at the mercy of thermals (which may or may not be around). This means that any flight, even for the worlds best pilots, can turn into a straight descent. If what you want is a thermal flight, you should let the pilot know at the time of booking.
Helpful Hints..............
Here are some pointers to make sure that you stand the highest chance of getting the type of flight you desire:
Straight Descent: Before 1pm of after 7pm (4pm in winter)
Soaring flight: After 5pm (earlier in winter)
Thermic flight: Between 1pm and 6pm in summer (earlier in winter)
Remember that these are the take-off times. If you meet at the landing field, you're probably not going to be flying for another hour.
What to bring?
You should bring: Water, Trousers, Jumper, Jacket, Sunglasses, Hat and suncream. Sturdy footwear is also advisable.
Tandem Paraglider Pilots and Companies


El centro de Granada



n de tel 647205134


Andaventur tandem paragliding flights

Cuesta de san gregorio n5 -1
18010 Granada


n de tel 659 511 995/ 679 798 679



Draco tandem paragliding flights

Cenes de la Vega

tel/fax +(34) 958 48 96 38