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Alfacar paragliding take-off Information page
Site Name Alfacar  
Site Coordinates 37° 13' 60'' N,3° 34' 0'' W
Type of flying Thermic; Soaring
Orientation South->West
Good when? Light S wind; light W wind; Nil wind; Summer evenings
Bad when? E wind; N wind  
Take-off altitude 1200m
Landing altitude 700m
Height difference 500m
Pilot Level Intermediate to Expert
Observations This is a very scenic site with great view of Sierra Nevada, Granada and the surrounding villages. It is on the boundary of a national park. It is particularly good on summer evenings. The restitution is excellent, and in summer you can often fly until sunset. The landing is a little tricky for beginners.


General Information

This is a nice, but very infrequently used site. The best conditions here are usually found on summer evenings when the legendary thermal matress keeps you aloft until sundown. When the conditions are good, you can fly along the long ridge (several km)that borders the national park. You can also fly to here from 'Cenes de la Vega' and vice versa. Generally, it is a thermo-dynamic soaring site. That is to say mainly soaring, with the odd thermal thrown in. Sometimes you can find thermals and fly high above the natural park 'Sierra de Huetor'. It is usually not an excellent choice in the middle of the day.

The site is situated just above the village of 'Alfacar', to the north of Granada city, and is quite evident.

Paragliding in Alfacar, Granada
It is split into 2 parts separated by a small valley through which the road into the park runs. You can take off on either part.

The sector to the west of the road that leads up to the park has 2 take-offs: one that faces north, and one that faces west. The one that faces west is smaller and trickier. There is a landing directly below this take-off, just watch out for the high voltage cables. I wouldn't bother coming here in a west wind, however, because the west facing part is very small and you'll probably have a better flight in 'Cenes de la Vega'. The south take-off is quite good. The landing is in a field to the west of the village of Alfacar. Usually pilots just gain a little height, and then glide across to the other sector (to the east of the road), as this is a long, south facing, rocky ridge where the flying is usually better. There is some joker from the coast who claims this site (the western sector) is his....it's not!

The sector to the east of the road is probably a better bet, since almost everyone comes across here immediately if they get sufficient height anyway (that way you don't have to lose height gliding across). This sector only really has a feasible take-off to the south.

Getting There
From Granada, follow the signs towards Almeria. Within about 10km you see a turn-off signposted to 'Alfacar'. Follow this road to the village. You will see the ridge and natural park behind. When you get to a roundabout, go straight across (up the quite steep hill). Follow this road up, up, up towards the park. You will come to a car-park and viewpoint just below the ridge. Take the right hand fork of the road, and head upwards into the park. To go to the sector to the east of the road, park your car where a valley lead